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Executive Email Database (EEMD)


Why Email Executives?

Executive email prospecting has fast become the most effective method of finding new opportunities. It has some key benefits that allow it to compliment other methods of prospecting. 
- Quickly identify the organizations interested in the type of solution you offer, Only those with a true interest are likely to respond to your meeting request.

-Quickly identify many of the organizations who are already satisfied with a solution similar to that which you offer, allowing you to focus your efforts on more receptive prospects.

- Executives who receive your inquiry are more likely to be able to command the resources to invest in your solution because you are targeting upper level management.

- Subordinates who receive your email forwarded from an executive are more likely to pay serious attention to you because your inquiry was forwarded by an upper executive.

Acquire business executive email lists to generate sales leads with an executive search to produce an email list based upon your criteria. After you acquire your executive email addresses spreadsheet, you can perform an immediate email marketing campaign. RSA Teleservices is the only source of executive contact information with email and postal addresses that are searchable by a wide variety of criteria so you purchase only what you need. Since you own the email list of sales leads, you can use the email addresses over and over, a much more cost effective proposition than renting email lists. Each row of the spreadsheet contains not only email address but also executive type, contact name, title, company name, address, phone number,fax number, company website address, number of employees,and annual company revenue.

Even though email marketing provides incredible communications and lead generation possibilities, you may still be finding it difficult to reap those benefits.

Because the biggest challenge in email marketing is finding a list of targeted and accurate addresses that will put you in contact with executives and decision makers.

Why should you choose RSA Teleservices Targeted email B2B Lists?

RSA Teleservices has developed the most extensive, and targeted email lists that fit your companies specific needs.

Through our lists, you can acquire new customers, retain current customers, expand market share, even launch new products. No other marketing strategy is as cost-effective or as packed with potential, so let RSA Teleservices help you get your targeted email marketing campaign off the ground.

RSA Teleservices has compiled an exclusive database of corporate executive emails, across the United States. These executives are usually very difficult, and most of the time impossible to reach by telephone, but will  take the time to read their emails and respond, if your message is clear, concise, targted and to the point.

Acquire this ultimate executive  email contact database and target key executives at the biggest companies of America .
Acquire the contact information and the names and titles for the most senior ranking executives and reach top decision makers in vital functional areas.
The RSA Executive Email Address Contact database offers top-level executive contacts in six  areas: Finance, Technology, Marketing & Sales, Operations, Communications/Public Relations, and Human Resources. Titles include: CFO for "Finance", CIO or CTO for "Technology", VP of Public Relations or VP of Communications for "Communications", and VP of HR for "Human Resources", COO or VP Operations for Operations, VP Sales, VP Business Development, VP Marketing for Sales & Marketing, as well as CEOs, and other executive titles/contacts available.


The Databases can be used immediately in most leading spreadsheet, database, and contact management programs. You can use the files in Excel, Lotus, Act!, Access, Palm Pilot, or any spreadsheet or database program that can import Excel files.


Database Options :


Option 1 : 5000 CXO Emails CEO-CFO-CIO-COO-CTO-CMO ) of companies below 1 Billion in Revenues


Option 2 : 5000 Fortune 1000 CXOs 


Option 3 : 10,000 CXO Emails ( 5000 Fortune 1000 CXOs and 5000 CXOs of companies below 1 Billion )


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